Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Quilt (Tied)

It's been awhile since I've posted. Life has intervened! But in a good way. One son was home from Israel and the other finished school. So I've been busy with doctors' appointments, shopping trips, a visit to the DMV (yes, my youngest now has his learner's permit!), and then a 3-day trip to the Poconos and the Berkshires to drop them off at their respective camps. Now we are empty-nesters for 5 whole weeks! Woo-hoo!

Thank you all for your kind comments about my Strawberry Fields quilt. I had great fun working on it and like the way it turned out. For those of you considering hand-quilting, go for it! I think you will find that it goes a lot faster than you think it will.

Pictured is the baby quilt I made for a woman who works for my husband, at his request. Instead of hand- or machine-quilting, I tied it. I used a higher-loft batting than I usually use (Quilt-Lite which I found in my stash). It's so fluffy and snuggly. The baby shower is on Friday...I finished just in time!
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