Monday, January 24, 2011

Midnight Stars, In Progress

I worked on Lori's Midnight Stars over the weekend. It's coming together nicely, as you can see. I agree with Lori - snipped off points don't bother me too much!

Temperatures have been in the 20s here in the nation's capital. That's cold for us! I try to take a (short) walk outside every day but mostly I've been home sewing. My plan for today is to baste my Rainbow Surprise 4-block quilt (see post on January 1st) and get it ready for hand-quilting.
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  1. I assembled mine with the red outer triangles on the cheddar stars and the cheddar triangles on the red stars. I can't tell if yours are sewn yet. Of course, you can leave it like it is too!!

  2. Lori, thanks for the correction. No, I hadn't sewn the outer triangles yet. Glad I caught it in time!