Thursday, May 9, 2013

Urban Girl Wrap Skirt

In March, I attended Sew South, a modern sewing retreat, which was tremendously fun.  The founder and organizer, Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts, solicited sponsors which resulted in us receiving a huge amount of swag:  fabric, thread, interfacing, patterns, etc.  One of the sponsors was Kati Cupcake Pattern Company.  From them we received a free pattern to make the "Urban Girl Wrap" skirt.

Well, friends, I made the skirt!  Isn't it cute?  And it was so easy.  Just three pattern pieces plus the waistband.  The pink you see in the picture is bias tape which is used to enclose the raw edges and also forms the hem.  Ingenious!  The fabric is Amy Butler from a few years ago...from my stash.  Love it!!!


  1. Can you model it and take a picture?

  2. This is for me, right? :) Pink/orange has to be one of my top 5 color combos!